Modalert 200mg amd 100mg pills is modafinil manufactured by Sun Pharma India. You can buy modalert online in USa, UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other countries. It is growing popularity since 2010 once generics have started to be known by International customers. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries is the leading pharmaceutical company in India providing it’s customers with high quality generic medicines.

Modalert is by far the most powerful and the most effective Smart Drug available online today, and in fact the drug has commonly been used by CEO’s and other professionals in work place environments in order to further sharpen their skills, and to help them to move up the corporate ladder and get more work done at a much quicker pace than they otherwise would be able to, as the human mind can only really sustain so much output of quality work without an added stimulus given to its mix, of which something like Modalert and other Nootropics do the trick quite well. Modalert is also popular among chess and poker players.

Among top Nootropics and Smart Drug guru CEO’s in Silicon Valley and in other start-up capitals of the world, such as Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris, a lot of the Smart Drug users are going do even dial up Modalert a step further, going so far as to even stack it with other popular Smart Drugs, like Piracetam and Aniracetam, the following list describes all of the main Nootropics that Modafinil is occasionally stacked with for the benefit of the user.








CDP Choline


Alpha GPC Choline



Artichoke Extract

Fish Oil

Multi Vitamin Complexes



And a host of other related Nootropics and Smart Drug compounds of similar and related potencies, read on for additional details.


50, 100, 200, 300, 600


100mg, 200mg


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