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Etilaam has been received, thanks.
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Good experience. Packaging should be sturdier for the journey these have to make though.
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-Jeffrey S., South Valley, NM (USA) ,

Not great, but good enough for my purposes.
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Product works well, but am concerned why there isn’t any imprint on the pill itself? Or is that not required in India?
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Just one complaint, I didn’t get a payment confirmation email from you. Had to sit around for three days hoping my payment didn’t disappear before I heard from you with the tracking information.
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Quite happy: no issues.
-Cory L., Orlando, FL (USA) ,

Great quality but I cannot find a way to raise my Coinbase limit. They only let me purchase $ at a time, which means I cannot order more than from you. Is there any way you can let me into the Paypal club?
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Streamlined process with an efficient operation. Word to the wise: double check your mailing address as they don’t compare it to prior orders.
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Received in the nick of time on Dec. . Is there any way you can send by Fedex or DHL next time?
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They work.
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