1mg of Etizest is roughly equivalent to 10mg of diazepam or 0.5mg of Xanax. It has less pronounced muscle relaxant effects compared to valium, and is more similar to Xanax in that it has a lack of body load at lower doses.
A dose of 0.5mg typically provides a subtle yet significant anxiolysis with only minor sedation. A dose of 1mg etizolam will lead to a more pronounced sense of anxiety relief and can start to cause some disinhibition, similarly to alcohol and other benzodiazepines. This is often overlooked by the person under it’s influence and they can think they’re completely sober. Muscle relaxant effects are also usually common at this dose. Any dose higher than 2-3mg can basically guarantee a blackout, especially without significant tolerance. Unless used for insomnia, such doses would be highly disabling both cognitively, as well as physically. This medication also tends to be more euphoric than benzodiazepines and similarly shares a very high liability for addiction. More importantly, it can lead to physical dependence if used etizest for more than a few weeks at a time, which can have severe life threatening withdrawal symptoms including seizures, unless an appropriate dosage taper is reached. It’s definitely not a nootropic and can certainly have long lasting negative effects of cognition and memory if used for prolonged periods of time. It shouldn’t be used unless it’s prescribed by a doctor or by someone who knows exactly the discipline required with the short term treatment with such medication. Stay safe.


Etizex an amazing compound for someone who rarely sleeps great for relaxation. Zero effects if respect the dose and don’t abuse it. Its not for getting perfect sleep and occasionally to relax its actually FAR safer than traditional benzos which are much more difficult to stop using . But justvdont abuse it 2-3mg per day MAXIMUM. METIZOLAM is ceven superior to ETI. 10/10 my opinion


While not technically a benzo, this has the same long term effect as benzos and other gabaergics– even if you manage to avoid physical dependence, over time it will make you more irritable and prone to psychotic rage. Same thing with Phenibut. You want gabaergics that don’t fuck up your brain and cause addiction, your choices are exactly kava or amanita muscaria. There’s others but they’re pretty mild by comparison.


Was on it for about a month. Great medication but highly potent and requires a very cautious dosing regimen. It’s significantly stronger than most benzodiazepines, with a similar potency to alprazolam (1mg etizex = 0.5-0.75mg alprazolam). It has a strong tendency to cause blackouts even at doses slightly higher than it’s therapeutic range. Much more so than something like valium or klonopin. If it’s actually severe anxiety, see a doctor imo. Self treating anxiety disorders with medications like this is a recipe for disaster for most people. If you do decide to use it, keep dosage low and don’t redose because you think you don’t feel it. Potent benzos create the illusion that you’re completely sober, even though in reality you’re actually very intoxicated and at times have even blacked out without even realizing it until the next day. It’s also very important to keep use to only a few weeks (as with all benzodiazepines and benzo like substances), and to ensure to taper off slowly rather than abruptly to reduce its potentially life threatening withdrawal symptoms including seizures.


I found etizolam (etilaam or etizest) just needed dosage increases constantly.
My sweet spot is 0.5mg Xanax everynight. I dont turn into a sociopath and have a superiority complex at that dose. 1mg+ each day and im ready to ruin my life and go on a mad no expense spared worldwide bender


I would recommend looking up experiences on Etizolam on erowid, first of all
There isn’t a reverse tolerance afaik. Etizolam has no upregulating properties.
That being said, my sister’s fiance had to do a fairly hard taper on it because of the laws that were passed in the UK. He ended up started doing half dose for 3 days and then cold turkey. Out of Last Resort because you couldn’t get anymore. I don’t recommend that anyone do this, but he ended up okay