Atomoxetine is a non-stimulative treatment for ADHD. The ADHD diagnosis suggests the presence of hyperactive hasty or preoccupied side effects that cause weakness and that were established before age 7 years.

For surety of this disorder these symptoms should be persistent, must cause significant impairment (social or academic). The decision to prescribe drug medication treatment will depend upon severity of symptoms which is assessed by the doctor, when other treatments are insufficient. You can buy atomoxetine in the USA UK AU Singapore HK from myetizolam store. We sell two brands, Hypercon by default and Axepta as a replacement through customer support request. You can buy atomoxetine using credit card, bitcoin, btc,  echeck and amazon gift card.

In addition atomoxetine is less likely to cause insomnia, in other words people have better sleep while taking atomoxetine. It has been considered to precipitate hypomania in patients who are having bipolar disorder. Atomoxetine is given as a combined therapy with other therapies like counseling behavior and cognitive treatment. This drug may also facilitate stroke recovery, it also has shown promise as a treatment for gambling in teenagers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and hoarding disorder.

It is upto your doctor who can decide what medicines you can take with atomoxetine. Before you  buy atomoxetine in the USA UK AU Singapore HK you should know that it is your duty to make him know about the other medicines you are taking including prescriptions and non prescription medicines, vitamins or herbal treatments. Atomoxetine is not approved for use by anyone younger than 6 years of age.

Atomoxetine may not be taken if you:

  • Have any rare swelling or cancer like pheocromocytoma;
  • Have any eye disorder glaucoma (narrow angle);
  • Have heart diseases;
  • Have problems of blood pressure;
  • Have family history of sudden death;
  • Have liver impairments.

Atomoxetine may cause suicidal ideation when first dose is taken by some people. It is also seen in patients who change the dose of atomoxetine for some purpose:

  • Have history of any mental illness. If you want to make sure that this medicine is safe for you, tell your doctor if you are suffering with depression, psychosis or bipolar disorder.
  • The safety is not known for unborn child, so always consult your doctor if you are trying to become pregnant.

Atomoxetine drugs such as Hypercon and Axepta are not always right for you or your children as it can impair other functions of body. Your family and care givers should always be vigilant about changes in your mood or symptoms. You should tell your doctor about all mental and health disorder that you or your children are suffering from before starting hypercon or axepta pills. Tell your physician if your child experiences slowing of growth, height and weight as atomoxetine may cause slowing of development. Your healthcare provider should check regularly on these parameters. Children taking this medicine may experience loss of control on urination at bedtime, including trouble in starting or keeping a urine stream or problem in complete emptiness of bladder, thus always talk to your doctor.

A rare occurring problem include priapisim that means erections of genitalia that is seen with this drug, visit your doctor right away if you or your child has an erection for more than four hours.


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