Etilaam vs. Etizest vs. Etizex

Etilaam vs. Etizest vs. Etizex

Etizolam or thienodiazepine  is the most popular benzodiazepine analog available on the market today. The drug is marketed under a large number of brand names, most of which are generic. Etizola; Etizest, Etisedan; Etilaam; Etizex, Eticalm; Dezolam; Depas. and many other. Most of etizolam brands are manufactured in India. Here are top 3 the most popular etizolam brands: Etizest, Etizex and Etilaam

Lets compare Etilaam vs. Etizest vs. Etizex and find which is the best.

Etilaam is manufactured by Intas Pharma. Intas Pharma are the member of top 10 largest Indian pharmaceutical company by revenue (in 2019) with over 10000 of employees and large variety of international facilities. Average cost of etilaam is 0.75 cents / pill .

Etizest brand is produced by Consern Pharma, India. This pharmaceutical company is growing the highest demand in India. It is one of the fast growing emerging companies in India. The company appeared in 2011 and since that time it produces hundreds of brabds of different categories.

Tripada Healthcare LTD, the manufacturer of Etizex brand. It is operating since 1997. It is the smallest company of 3 mentioned, however it has it’s own facilities in more than 20 states of India with over 150 of employees. Inspite of it’s size the company has created one of the best selling etizolam brands.

We have checked a number of reviews on reddit and psychonaut regarding Etilaam vs. Etizest vs. Etizex and haven’t found much difference in the each brands rating. We’d give 35% of votes to Intas Etilaam, 33% of votes to Consern Pharma Etizest and 32% of votes to Etizex by Tripada.

What Are the Best Places to Buy Etizolam?

What are some things to remember before buying brain etizolam online and locally? There are a number of them. Getting the information on the best stores and best brands to get etizolam from is just as important as deciding which drugs to buy.

If you are able to get support from specialists or referrals from reliable users that got positive results when using etizolam, the entire process of buying drugs becomes easier. But, you can still overcome the challenges and find the most appropriate place for you to buy your etizolam brand from.

What is the best store where you can get Etilaam, Etizest and Etizex ?

The etizolam can be purchased in different ways – over the counter, locally, or from an online store. The first step is to consider the features that a good etizolam supplier should have.


Etizolam brands don’t cost the same. The prices can differ depending on the suppliers and their policies. You should also take into consideration various price management features, such as discounts. It’s important to compare the prices between different providers to make the best choice.


Most suppliers will rarely have all the Etizolam brands available. For this reason, you should make sure that a potential online store has the etizolam brand that you are searching for.


There are a lot of factors that play a role when it comes to the quality. You should always make sure that the offered products have been tested in labs. A good idea is to read about a certain supplier to determine if they had any quality problems. Another thing you can do is go to online forums and discuss a supplier there so that you can hear what other buyers say. In short we’d recommend to choose from Etilaam vs. Etizest vs. Etizex

Issues related to the legality

The majority of countries and states allow the use and distribution of etizolam. But, depending on the particular drug, there can be certain restrictions when it comes to their availability. For instance, smart drugs that can be classified as supplements can be purchased directly from the food stores. However, you can get a drug such as Modafinil only after receiving a prescription from your doctor. It means that you can’t purchase such drugs locally.


Abusing etizolam exposes you to numerous side effects and risks.
Uncontrolled use of any benzodiazepine is dangerous, particularly when combined with alcohol abuse. The following most common adverse reactions to etizolam may lead to serious consequences for your mental and overall health:

• feeling dizzy and/or drowsy
• falling into a coma
• trouble breathing
• coordination problems
• poor memory
• blurred vision
• lack of energy, apathy
• slurry, slow speech

What’s more, continuous etizolam abuse may even result in organ failure.

Quitting etizolam “cold turkey” may lead to dangerous consequences for your health.
Your body gets used to the constant intake of etizolam, so you will likely experience some of these symptoms if you abruptly quit using it:
• feeling restless and unable to sleep
• stiff and/or painful sensations in the muscles
• feeling nauseous
• vomiting continuously
• severe headaches
• seizures

In addition, abruptly stopping etizolam intake is known to cause increased levels of anxiety. 

People who are addicted to etizolam need professional medical help.
The best way to stop misusing the medication and put an end to the addiction is to take part in a special drug detox program that is supported by healthcare professionals. It is also a good idea to enrol in a long-term drug rehabilitation program after the detox one to have a support group and be able to discuss your problems and feelings after quitting the addiction. 

It is important to recognize that addiction to Either Etizex or Etilam or Etizest is a serious condition that requires professional medical help as soon as possible. Abusing benzodiazepines is very dangerous for your mind and body alike and can lead to grave consequences, including a prolonged coma state or even death, if continued for a long time. 

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